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Lazy People ‘Work Harder’ Than Pros

My first five years, I had to work bell to bell every day just to sell 8 units. Then one day I realized I wasn’t an 8 car guy, I was a 4-car guy working two shifts every day and most of my days off. Working double shifts now and then and coming in on […]

Only Have A Few Minutes…

“What do you do when people tell you that they only have a few minutes?” First, understand that this is usually just a ‘reflex’ objection like, “We’re just looking,” and it’s easy to handle. Most salespeople mess this up before they even start though, because they challenge the objection and lose the sale. The first […]

Facts About Buying & Selling

Which stats are most important? That’s a big question because there are about 100 ‘most important’ facts about the different areas that affect sales. Stats on customers, selling, closing, negotiation, follow up, calls & leads, and facts on prospecting, unsold follow up, retention and more. Here are the most important when it comes to making […]

10 Years Of JVTN As Subscribers Top 10 Million Chapters Taken

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc., today announced that 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of its online training network, JVTN®. Subscribers to JVTN® have also reached a major milestone and have completed more than 10,000,000 sales training chapters. Since 1985, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc, has developed high achievers through online education, […]

Getting ‘Lucky’ With Sales

Want to get lucky and earn more this month? Just do what a lot of 20-30-40 car pros do: • Look, Act, Sound and Think like a pro this month! • Leave problems, stinky little attitudes and everything but selling at the curb and just go to work to sell a car. • Work your […]

Telling Isn’t Selling

When you overhear a presentation, all you’ll usually hear is a lot of talking, mostly by the salesperson. Usually he or she is going on and on, telling the customer about the vehicle. In fact, most presentations start way before the salesperson even knows who it’s for, how the customer will use it, or why […]

How To Improve Your Sales Right Away!

I’d been playing golf for a few years, but no matter how long I played, the hardest concept I had to buy into and the hardest habit I had to break to hit the ball farther is that I should swing easier, not harder. Swinging the club was an aerobic workout most of the time. […]

Make It About Them

I read a survey about what customers look for most when they buy a new vehicle. Some of the key points in the survey… • An arrogant or pushy salesperson is not appreciated. (Wow, who knew!) • They’d prefer to talk to a salesperson who was polite and friendly (aka: built rapport), who knew their […]

Presentation Tips From Joe

You’re trying to sell a car to Bob for his daughter, Susy. One of his major “hot buttons” is safety and her goal is having a fun car to drive. That means to deliver a unit, you have to sell them both what they want. To Dad, you don’t just say “Bob, the car has […]

Are You Listening – Or Waiting To Talk?

You listen to understand. One of the biggest challenges most salespeople have in building more rapport, finding their prospect’s hot buttons, giving a great presentation and demonstration and in being able to close the sale and overcome their objections is simply being able to listen. To listen, you have to know your product so well […]