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They Came To Buy – Make Sure It’s With You…

Ask Joe … How tough should it be to sell someone a vehicle they came to buy? I agree, sometimes it’s way tougher than it should be. Some people don’t want buying to be easy, some people have been burned so bad in the past that you can’t change it, and sometimes there’s nothing you […]

New Business Development Workshop From Joe Verde

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced the release of a brand new Business Development Workshop for auto dealer salespeople and sales managers. The focus of the workshop is turning prospects into buyers by better handling incoming sales calls, incoming leads from all sources and follow up of ‘unsold’ prospects. It also includes five […]

Making Appointments That Show

“Out of 32 appointments, I delivered 17 cars!” “I started as a new Salesperson for Reed Lallier Chevrolet on June 1st, working in the BDC department.  In August, I was struggling with my calls and appointments when JVTN® was brought on board, and my account representative at Joe Verde steered me to the course, ‘Turning Incoming Calls Into Appointments […]

Why Do They Do So Many Write Ups???

“Why do new guys and low achievers write up so many people who can’t buy the vehicle?” When I started selling cars, we weren’t trained. Our managers just said, “You’re hired, now make me proud and sell something.” So I wrote up everybody I could. Since we were told to just find a car they […]

Joe Verde Sends Thousands of Free Books to Australian Auto Dealers

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) announced that it is supporting Australian auto dealers during a slowing economy with the free distribution of more than 3,600 copies of Joe Verde’s books to all of the approximately 1,800 dealers across the country, including: “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery & Growth in Today’s Market,” and […]

Tip: Stay At Your Dealership

My wife and I were out looking for a new vehicle and talked to a salesperson who didn’t know me. He gave us a pretty good presentation and did a good job telling us about the product and the equipment levels and other options, and he offered us a demonstration. He went to all this […]

Joe Verde To Keynote At AutoCon 2014

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc., today announced that Joe Verde will present a session, “The 5 Biggest Changes You Need To Make In 2014 To Have a Record Year,” at AutoCon 2014, September 3-5, at the Aria, Las Vegas. His talk will be held Thursday, Sept. 4, at 11 a.m., and will help […]

Follow Up For 6-10 More Sales This Month

Before we talk about how to follow up your working prospects, let’s review what’s happened so far… • 86% buy something other than what they said they wanted – and you did have a vehicle in stock they liked. • You spent from 20 minutes to a couple of hours and went through some or […]

JVSMT Survey Finds Most Common Consumer Car Buying Objections Before & After Commitment

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced that, according to an online survey of auto salespeople conducted throughout 2013, the most common car buying objection before the salesperson has a commitment is, “I’ll think it over and get back to you,” at 37 percent. After the salesperson has a commitment and is negotiating, […]

Advanced Closing Course Released By Joe Verde

Subscribers to JVTN®, Joe Verde’s virtual sales training network for the automotive industry, now have access to a new advanced training course that focuses on how to become a “master closer” in the automotive business. “This training course helps you improve your selling skills to handle the tough objections you face on the lot every […]