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Play The Odds

After a purchase, have you ever been unable to talk to, or get the salesperson to return your calls? Isn’t it more frustrating when you have a question or problem and need a response now? Join the club. That’s exactly how your customers feel, too. Every call from them is just as important to them. […]

Turn Your Incoming Sales Calls Into Appointments That Show

A new course offered on Joe Verde’s Training Network® (JVTN®) provides salespeople and managers in the automotive industry access to training on using the telephone more effectively to sell and build business in a dealership. This new online course, “Turning Incoming Sales Calls Into Appointments That Show” is the seventh course release this year by […]

Joe Verde Begins Mobile Texting Campaign For Automotive Salespeople

Automotive salespeople now have the opportunity to receive sales information directly from the leader in automotive sales and management training, Joe Verde, via their mobile phones. Verde’s text message alerts will focus on The New Basics™ of selling to today’s customer with practical, ‘how-to’ steps to closing the deal and selling a vehicle now. “My […]