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Poll Results Released By Joe Verde

Auto Dealer Salespeople Consider Price Most Troubling Part of Sales Negotiation According to Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Poll Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) today announced that according to a recent poll of auto dealer salespeople, price is perceived to be the most troubling part of the sales negotiation process. An […]

New Poll Results: Which Buyer Question Do Salespeople Fear The Most?

Joe polled salespeople on his website in June and participants said the question, “Can you beat the deal down the street?” was the one they feared the most from buyers. Poll Question: Which of these buyer questions do you fear the most? Final Results: 1. 44.44% – Can you beat the deal down the street? […]

New Poll Results: Getting Enough Floor Traffic Is Today’s Biggest Challenge

Joe polled salespeople on his website and participants said getting enough floor traffic was their biggest challenge today. Poll Question: Your Biggest Challenge Today? Final Results: 1. 38.35% – Getting Enough Floor Traffic 2. 36.78% – Staying Motivated 3. 16.29% – Closing The Sale 4. 8.5% – Negotiating Vote now in Joe’s new monthly poll […]