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The Santa Guarantee…

You’re down to the wire, and if you want to go out with a bang, just do the things 20-30 car guys do: • Look, Act, Sound and Think like a pro in sales this month! • Leave problems and everything other than selling at the curb, and just go to work to sell a […]

What Would Happen If You Make Improving Your Priority?

The year is young. What can happen in 2016, if you make improving your priority? If you develop better selling skills… A great example from a veteran in sales… “I’ve been in the car business 26 years, and I’ve attended Joe’s Sales and Closing & Negotiating Workshops, and we have JVTN® in our dealership. Last […]

Doubling Your Income After Reading Joe’s $100K Book!

“I’ve doubled my income.” “I read a chapter every day in Joe’s book, ‘Earn Over 100K Selling Cars Every Year’. One of his comments constantly sticks in my head. Joe says, ‘Do you want to go home every day feeling confident that you can take care of your family, or do you want to go […]

Went from 7 units to 18 a month!

I went from 7 units to 18 a month! “Joe, I have been in automotive sales for the past 10 months. The first 3 months I was figuring things out on my own. The 4th month I attended your Sales Workshop and BAM!  What was a great job, became a great career. I was averaging about […]

In The First 20 Seconds…

“Your first few seconds and your first few words will usually make or break the sale.” How can a sale that usually takes a couple hours be so affected by the first 20 seconds? That’s easy, a lot of critical things happen very quickly when you meet someone. The first few seconds… The prospect’s 1st […]

My Average is 67 Units A Month

“After your Sales Workshop, I increased my sales from 20 units a month, to averaging 67 per month, and I’m on track to earn $200,000 this year.” “Joe, the first day of your Sales Workshop, the instructor asked, “What is the one thing you want to get out of this training?” My reply was, “Teach […]

Making $149,000 With

“My pay soared to $149,000!” “Joe, since I started in the car business, 9 years ago, I invested in myself and my career by getting your VSA®. I have been growing steadily over the past 4 years, utilizing your JVTN® online training and focusing on your New Basics (8 steps). After mastering the New Basics, […]

After 30 Years – How Joe’s Training Made The Difference

“After 30 years … from 9 units a month to 29 units from your workshop and JVTN®.” “My manager is a true Joe Verde disciple, and at our store it’s the Verde way or no way. Having been in sales as long as I’ve been, it was a tough transition – but boy was it worth it! […]

157 Vehicles The First Year Selling Cars

“157 vehicles and $80,000 my first year” “Joe, I just wanted to thank you for helping me sell 157 vehicles and earn $80,000 my first year in the car business. I’ve been training on JVTN® since my first day, both group training 3x per week and training on my own. Your training has given me the skills […]

Now at $10,000 Per Month

“From 4-6 units to my first $10,000 month with your training.” “I started at Sierra Blanca about a year ago.  My first few months I was at 4-6 units.  After consistently training on JVTN®, my average went to 10-12 units.  Then the light bulb came on after attending your sales workshop. When I came back I increased […]