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On Track For $100,000 In The First Year Selling Cars With JVTN

“From High School to tracking $100,000 my first year selling cars!” “Joe – I was 3 months out of High School when I was introduced to the car Business and I was lucky to land at a great dealership that provides great training and the support from Management that will take me to the top. […]

New “Events” Course on

New “Events” Course Now Live After Debuting at the NADA Convention Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) today announced the launch of a new training course: “Sell More Units Before, During And After All Of Your Events.” “We want to show you how to take that next event, whether it’s that super extravaganza […]

February 02 / 2017

JV Trainer Sean Gardner Will Speak At NADA

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) today announced that their trainer, Sean Gardner, has been selected to present a workshop, “Turn Millennial Price Shoppers into Loyal Customers,” at the annual NADA Convention in New Orleans, LA, January 26-29. Commenting on his workshop, Gardner stated, “There are 80 million-plus millennials in the U.S. They’re […]

Remember Our Wounded Vets For The Holidays…

Let’s remember our wounded veterans this holiday season…As many of you know, I’ve been a strong supporter of Canine Companions for Independence – they provide highly trained assistance dogs for wounded vets. We’ve donated to CCI’s Wounded Veterans Initiative through both the NADA Charitable Foundation and the annual Diamond Ball. I’ve seen up close how […]

December 17 / 2016

Blurred Lines Between Selling & Closing

See what I mean about the blurred lines between selling and closing? Everything you do to bring a customer into the dealership; turning incoming calls into appointments, prospecting in service, and retaining your sold customers – moves the sale forward. Everything you do in Steps 1-4 of our 8-Step Basics, from your attitude, to your […]

JVG Attends Event for CCI To Support Veterans

  Joe Verde staff recently attended a donor reception for Canine Companions for Independence hosted by the Ritz-Carlton in Orange County, CA. CCI provides highly trained service dogs to wounded veterans and people with disabilities. The Joe Verde Group wants to thank our friends from the Ritz: Deanne French, Director of Public Relations; Bruce Brainerd, […]

Move Your Career To The Next Level…

From 8 to 18” “Joe, when I started in the car business just over 5 months ago my General Manager introduced me to what he told me was the best sales training available – a mere three weeks later, I found myself in Halifax for a two-day Joe Verde Workshop called, ‘How To Sell A […]

Record Funds Raised To Help Wounded Vets

Charitable Auction Raises $128,000 for Canine Companions To Help Wounded Vets ‘Giving back’ was the theme during the ADESA auction at the annual NADA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas this year, where a record $128,000 was raised for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) to train service dogs to assist wounded veterans. This was the […]

What To Do When It’s Down To The Wire…

Ask Joe… “What do you do when a customer comes on the lot right at closing time?” Smile, give them a hug, thank them for coming in, but don’t be angry because someone walked on the lot to give you a chance to earn $300-$500 in commission, just because they’re shopping on a different schedule […]

What Would Happen If You Make Improving Your Priority?

The year is young. What can happen in 2016, if you make improving your priority? If you develop better selling skills… A great example from a veteran in sales… “I’ve been in the car business 26 years, and I’ve attended Joe’s Sales and Closing & Negotiating Workshops, and we have JVTN® in our dealership. Last […]