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Getting ‘Lucky’ With Sales

Want to get lucky and earn more this month? Just do what a lot of 20-30-40 car pros do: • Look, Act, Sound and Think like a pro this month! • Leave problems, stinky little attitudes and everything but selling at the curb and just go to work to sell a car. • Work your […]

You Control Your Attitude

Your actions control your success. Your attitude controls your actions. You control your attitude. We all know learning more is not a requirement for most salespeople. In fact, even being required to go to-work-to-work and put in an effective shift every day usually isn’t required either. You should also know that selling more cars and […]

Play The Odds

Over 50% of the vehicles are sold to women and over 90% of your sales are directly influenced by the woman in the group (wife, girlfriend, mother, etc.). I hear a lot of stories from people about their “car buying experiences”. In fact, a friend of ours who wanted to buy a new car, told […]

What Can You Learn From Average People?

What is the only thing average salespeople can teach you about selling cars? If you listen to the huddle, you’ll spend your career huddled around average or below especially in tough like we’ve had the last few years. Every day you don’t use your potential in sales is a day of your working life down […]

Sell More The Easy Way

Here’s a single rule that will help you become extremely successful in sales. Zig Ziglar put it about as plainly as I’ve ever heard it. His book, “See You At The Top,” starts out with the real secret to success on the very first page: “You can get everything in life you want if you […]

Salesperson Discovers New Way Of Selling

“From 9 to 16 in just one month after your class!” “Before attending Joe’s 2 Day Sales Class, I was averaging 9 units a month. After class I started really utilizing the phones on a daily basis and concentrated on becoming friends with them. My first month back I sold 16, and now after I […]