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They Came To Buy – Make Sure It’s With You…

Ask Joe … How tough should it be to sell someone a vehicle they came to buy? I agree, sometimes it’s way tougher than it should be. Some people don’t want buying to be easy, some people have been burned so bad in the past that you can’t change it, and sometimes there’s nothing you […]

“What Can I Earn?”

You’ll earn what you’re worth. I said that the other day and a guy said, “That’s a cop-out answer.” Not really, if you’re working on commission, or even if you’re on a salary of some kind, there’s always that volume or gross bonus. Whether you’re in management, sales, service, BDC or any other department; when […]

My Average is 67 Units A Month

“After your Sales Workshop, I increased my sales from 20 units a month, to averaging 67 per month, and I’m on track to earn $200,000 this year.” “Joe, the first day of your Sales Workshop, the instructor asked, “What is the one thing you want to get out of this training?” My reply was, “Teach […]

2 Tips To Sell More Cars

1. Well Informed Customers When customers walk on the lot with a printout from the internet in one hand and a How to Buy Cars book in the other hand, to have a chance at making a sale, should you… A. Escape. Turn them to one of the new salespeople. B. Escape professionally – introduce […]

You Control Your Attitude

Your actions control your success. Your attitude controls your actions. You control your attitude. We all know learning more is not a requirement for most salespeople. In fact, even being required to go to-work-to-work and put in an effective shift every day usually isn’t required either. You should also know that selling more cars and […]

Sales Exploded to 20 Each Month!

“My sales exploded to 20 for the month.” “When I started in the car business I immediately started training on JVTN® and using the Virtual Sales Assistant®. My first month I sold 8 units and then I went to the 2 day Sales Workshop. WOW, talk about a pump up! I came back ready to […]

I Quit – I’m Outta Here!

“If you try to make me learn more so that I can sell more cars and earn more money, I quit – I’m outta here!” One of our JVTN® support managers was talking to a manager who said his salespeople didn’t want to train on JVTN® every day. Our support manager said, “Wow, you guys […]

Focus On Them – Not The Sale

If you want to sell more, you’ll need to focus less on you and what you want – and instead, learn to focus more on your customers and what they want and need in a vehicle. Then for an easy sale, just show them how and why you, your product and your dealership are best […]

Always Make Your Customers Comfortable

Have you stopped to think about what you’re asking most customers to do, in dollars and cents, after a 10 minute presentation and a quick spin around the block? Car payments use up 20%-30% of the average person’s take home pay.  That means whether you’re selling a loaded Tahoe or stripped Accent, car payments make […]

4 Secrets Apply To Goal Setting

Your Goal Planning Includes The 4 Areas That Control Your Success When you look at “how” you’ll reach your goals, you’re looking at the Four Secrets I learned a long time ago that completely control your success. • Your Skills! There are so many skills you need to learn and develop, that by the time you […]