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Ask Joe: How can I make $15,000 more this year?

Joe, I want to increase my income by $15,000 this year. What’s my best plan and where do I focus?” You didn’t say how many units you sell now or how you’re doing, so let’s assume you meant $15k more in the next 7 months. The math is always first: $15,000 ÷ 7 months, means […]

Ask Joe: Is selling cars worth my time?

Joe, you keep talking about the money you can make selling cars – well, that’s not happening for me. I was making $20 an hour back at my old job and my boss said I could get my job back. Why should I keep selling cars and just hope it will get better for me?” […]

How To Go From 13 Units to 20 or 25

The one sentence answer … Learn to sell one more unit each month. A year from now, you’ll be at 25 cars a month. ————— Three things keep most people from selling more and earning more… Skills – Habits – Attitude You’ve probably heard about what happens to so many of the million dollar lottery […]

‘If I Do Everything You Say, I Won’t See My Family…’

Actually – you’ve got the wrong guy because the opposite is true. I have never written, spoken or in any way suggested you need to put in double shifts to sell more cars. If you’ll do everything I talk about, you’ll spend a lot less time at work, you’ll earn more money for you and […]

From New to $100K A Year!

“From ‘New Guy’ to $9,500 a month!” “I’ve been in the car business for 1 year and was lucky to get in at a dealership that offered your training through JVTN®. I have been training daily since I started and have been increasing my units and gross on a regular basis. You taught me to treat […]

Best Month With 23.5 Units

“My best month…23.5 units.” “I am on my 4th time through Joe’s ‘The Goal Setting for Salespeople‘ book so I don’t miss anything. I set a goal to sell 20 cars per month and figured I’d have to talk to 3 people per day and close 1 of the 3…I’ve had (2) Hat tricks already […]

Prepare For The Event

We all take tests in life, from earning a diploma to getting a driver’s license. If we wanted to graduate, we studied so we could pass. Sports teams practice (study) for the big game. Golfers do the same before the tournament. Why? Because those events are important to them. In sales, you’ll have 3-5 of […]

New Goal Setting Calculator Helps Set Realistic, Achievable Goals

In keeping with the New Year’s tradition of setting goals for the future, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced that it has released a new online Goal Setting Calculator. The calculator can be used both by individual salespeople or the entire dealership to find their starting point in units and income, so […]

Up $400 Per Unit!

“I increased my commission $400 per unit!” “I’ve been selling cars and have been training on JVTN® most of that time, and JVTN® has truly been an eye opener by providing me the tools I need to thrive in the car business. I recently attended The Closing workshop and WOW! The information and energy I picked […]

Top Gross With 27 Units

“With JVTN®… Top gross with 27 units!” “Before starting at the dealership I trained on JVTN® for 2 weeks. Joe Verde laid the foundation for me to be a success in the car business and I really paid attention to the steps of the sale. When I hit the floor, I made sure to follow them and […]