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‘Top 7’ Book Sells Out 50,000 Copies In Four Months

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced that Joe Verde’s new book: “Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources in Your Dealership,” has proved so popular with auto dealers that it has gone through 50,000 copies in just 4 months and the book is now onto its 3rd print run of 30,000 copies. The first […]

Facts About Buying & Selling

Which stats are most important? That’s a big question because there are about 100 ‘most important’ facts about the different areas that affect sales. Stats on customers, selling, closing, negotiation, follow up, calls & leads, and facts on prospecting, unsold follow up, retention and more. Here are the most important when it comes to making […]

They Just Closed Themselves

“They closed themselves!” “My name is Doug Henke and I have a story to share… I had a couple come in with their college bound daughter, who would be driving some 400 miles to college soon. They wanted a safe car, and one with few bells and whistles. I used the selling skills I learned on […]

Why Do They Do So Many Write Ups???

“Why do new guys and low achievers write up so many people who can’t buy the vehicle?” When I started selling cars, we weren’t trained. Our managers just said, “You’re hired, now make me proud and sell something.” So I wrote up everybody I could. Since we were told to just find a car they […]

Making Dreams Become A Reality

“Thanks for making my dreams come true.”  “Joe as you always say – your success in the car business is based on YOU and your selling skills, your work  habits, your attitude, and your choice of customers (SHAC) . If it wasn’t for JVTN® online training, your trainers, and your incredible support staff, I wouldn’t […]

Processes vs. Skills – What’s The Difference?

Processes … A process is made up of the steps you take to complete something, whether it’s building a house, selling a car, or prospecting out in service. Common processes you need in sales… How to warm up the prospect – how to build value in owning the vehicle – how to close the sale […]

Make Every Minute Count

It’s here, the end of one year and the beginning of a brand new one. Two things should be happening right now: 1. Put the pedal to the metal to make this your best year ever. You know how to hustle in an emergency, so treat every day like it’s an emergency – don’t rush […]

Biggest Paycheck Ever After JVTN

“My biggest paycheck ever after JVTN®!” “I have been in the car business 16.5 years and I’ve been training on JVTN® for 5 months. When I say training on JVTN®, I mean watching the training chapters, taking great notes, taking the tests and practicing getting the words just right by saying the scripts out loud […]

Joe Verde To Keynote At AutoCon 2014

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc., today announced that Joe Verde will present a session, “The 5 Biggest Changes You Need To Make In 2014 To Have a Record Year,” at AutoCon 2014, September 3-5, at the Aria, Las Vegas. His talk will be held Thursday, Sept. 4, at 11 a.m., and will help […]

Verde Supporting Australian Automotive Sales Market

The Australian retail automotive industry has gone through some tough times over the past few years and is just starting to recover. Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced its support through the free distribution of more than 8,000 copies of Joe Verde’s books, including: “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery & Growth in […]