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The Skills To Your Success

You Need ‘Selling Skills’ To Sell And Then You Need ‘Success Skills’ To Succeed… SUCCESS SKILLS: Control your continued growth No matter what profession you’re in, success skills are your foundational skills – the skills that drive your success. Whether you’re selling, acting, farming, or playing golf for a living – you have to keep […]

Making $149,000 With

“My pay soared to $149,000!” “Joe, since I started in the car business, 9 years ago, I invested in myself and my career by getting your VSA®. I have been growing steadily over the past 4 years, utilizing your JVTN® online training and focusing on your New Basics (8 steps). After mastering the New Basics, […]

After 27 Years, Went From 8 to 18 Units Sold

“From 6 or 8 units a month for 27 years – to 17-18 with Joe’s training.” I have been in the car business for about 27 years and I was selling 6-8 cars per month. I recently transferred to a used car store where the manager lives and breathes Joe Verde. I had never heard of […]

Sales Exploded to 20 Each Month!

“My sales exploded to 20 for the month.” “When I started in the car business I immediately started training on JVTN® and using the Virtual Sales Assistant®. My first month I sold 8 units and then I went to the 2 day Sales Workshop. WOW, talk about a pump up! I came back ready to […]

Joe Verde Releases New Version Of Virtual Sales Training Network – JVTN®

Subscribers to Joe Verde’s virtual sales training site now have access to the newest upgrade version of JVTN®, featuring a totally redesigned “Training Center” and course layout. Each new JVTN® updated version is a break-away design with new features and improvements to provide users with quick-and-easy access to the standard seven system modules plus […]

Have A Great Holiday!

We’re at the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, so you need to do two things right now: 1. You should be putting the pedal to the metal to make 2012 a record year. If you miss your goal in 2012, it won’t be because no one shows up this […]

Making $20,000 More This Year Already

“I’m already up $20,000 this year from JVTN® and the VSA®.” “I have been using JVTN® training and your Virtual Sales Assistant® to track all of my activities and properly set short and long-term goals. My 90-day average is currently 13 and my goal is 17. I learned my weakness was getting people on a […]

How can I plan my day so I can be more productive at work?

There is always so much to do, how do I plan my day so I can be more productive? This is actually a very important question because having a productive day, especially in sales is a combination of…• Planning your day• Prioritizing your activities• Taking action on your plan• Avoiding distractions• Having an effective process…and […]

Joe Verde Releases New Pocket-Sized Weekly Planning Guide

EZ-Guide To Help Salespeople Organize Their Day Orange County, CA. – March 24, 2011 – There is nothing more discouraging for most salespeople than working long hours, forgetting appointments and missing sales because of one simple reality: they struggle to organize and plan their daily activities. It is exactly for this reason Joe Verde created […]