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Huge Tip

Huge tip on practicing that helped me a lot… You know you need practice to get better, right? In real life, the best practice is with a customer because it’s ‘real’. Find a sparring partner… The very best customer to practice on is someone you’re absolutely convinced can’t or won’t buy anything from you, no […]

All About Self Confidence

People have always asked me… How do you handle being on straight commission in sales?” They couldn’t imagine having to create an income every month with no guaranteed paycheck. It never bothered me because I knew my current average in units and income each month. That means, as long as I kept doing all of […]

Joe Verde Releases New Pocket-Sized Weekly Planning Guide

EZ-Guide To Help Salespeople Organize Their Day Orange County, CA. – March 24, 2011 – There is nothing more discouraging for most salespeople than working long hours, forgetting appointments and missing sales because of one simple reality: they struggle to organize and plan their daily activities. It is exactly for this reason Joe Verde created […]