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Commission Jumps from $250 to $625

From 7 units to 20 … and from $250 in commission to $625!”

“I‘ve been in the car business 8 months.

Prior to attending the Joe Verde Closing & Negotiation workshop, I had a steady 9 car average and was making about $250 per unit commission.

The JVTN® online training really gave me a firm foundation to build on before attending class, and after that workshop by learning how to present the deal for a budget focused negotiation (not a price negotiation), my commission per unit more than doubled to $625, I sold 20 units, and earned $12,500.

It was crazy! Once you show customers the benefits of putting more money down (shorter terms, less interest, building equity faster, being able to trade sooner), many times, they put down twice as much as we asked for.

Not only was I getting bigger down payments, and getting more deals done, I was shortening the terms as well. I want them loving their vehicle and coming back to see me sooner for their next vehicle!

Joe, thanks for the best month ever and thanks for making it easier to have more months like this month, every month!”

– Chris Fearneley, Sales and Leasing Consultant, NB


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