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‘Core 4 Selling’ Led The Way To More Sales

“JVTN® is my foundation…My new average is 21 units per month!”

“I have been in the car business just 5 months and I am so thankful to my dealership for having JVTN® training to provide me with a firm foundation to build upon.

I started training on Joe Verde Training Network® Day 1 with Joe Verde’s first 4 (Core 4) ‘Selling’ courses. Through those 4 courses, I developed a clear plan to success, a ton of new skills, and came out of the gates on fire! I sold 9, then 17, then 25 cars and last month I sold 22 which puts my new current average at 21 units per month!

Joe, I really bought into and believe the statistics you talk about and my attitude shows it as I go to work-to-work. Bottom line, I understand they are all buyers, so I treat them all like buyers. I am always truthful, I build the value by getting a ton of ‘yeses’ (minor commitments) throughout my demo and presentation, and I close on the car, not the price of the car.

I love the car business! My customers love me and I am well on my way to building an incredible business! Thanks Joe!”

– Bruce Vickery, Sales Consultant, Nova Scotia


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