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How You Count Things Will Control Your Career

Amateurs count the times things they do don’t work.

Why? It helps them justify not doing the things you have to do in sales to sell more, earn more and control your career in sales.

“I made 5 follow up calls and nobody came back in – what a waste of time.”

 “I tried staying off price like you said and the customer got really ticked.”

 “I gave 4 demos and not one bought, they just wanted the best price.”

There you have it, the facts speak for themselves – nothing worked.

Of course if you take into account that those same salespeople never develop the skills to turn follow up calls into appointments, or the skills to deal with price effectively – and if they’re still talking about how cheap they can sell it while doing a bad demo, duh, what were they hoping for?

Pros take the opposite approach:

They only count the times things do work!

While amateurs try to justify why they don’t, pros are depositing big checks because they counted the times things do work, so they know exactly where to improve to sell even more.

Develop more skills, learn to count and you’ll definitely
sell more cars and earn more every month.


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