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Detailing Cars to $100K in Sales

“From detailing cars to $100,000 in sales.”

“I started at my dealership 18 years ago and worked as a detailer for 10 years.  I saw the potential in earnings in sales, but I was plain scared to try a commission based job.  I wanted to be a better provider for my family though, so I took a leap of faith.

I have been selling for 8 years now and after I attended Joe’s workshop, it truly opened my eyes on the selling process.  I went from $32,000 a year as a detailer and now I earn over a $100, 000 a year!

JVTN® keeps my skills rock solid. I have learned the art of listening and I am never smarter than the customer.  I leave my problems at the curb, sell from inventory and I smile all the time, because I keep my customers happy.  I rely mostly on repeat and referral business.

Joe, you helped give me a path to success and I took a chance and have never looked back!”

-Elias Diaz, Sales Consultant, Pegues Hurst Ford, Longview, TX


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