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Ditch The Fear…

Somebody asked me a long time ago, “Aren’t you afraid you won’t make enough in commission some months?”

My answer, “No way – not ever!”

Why? Because it’s just math! If you average $7,500 per month from doing (x) # of activities, with (x) skills, and spend (x) time doing it, as long as you do the activities, maintain the skills and put in the time … you get the money.

That’s how averaging works.

Because people don’t track, I’ve watched salespeople quit selling cars over a bad paycheck, all because they didn’t realize they were doubling their income.

Sure, some months will be higher ($9,000) and some lower ($6,000). That’s why the average is $7,500.

If you don’t track everything, you may be averaging $7,500 now (tracking $90,000 per year) but ready to quit because you only made $5,000 last month. Then you’re ready to take a steady job at $40,000 because it’s a salary with no commission.

If you’re averaging $7,500 now, you’d really have to blow it to drop to $40,000 ($3,333) on average.
Instead: Ditch the fear, develop your skills, go to work to work, focus on being consistent, and you’ll earn more than 90% of the population.


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