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Do You Know Who Is Your Hottest Prospect?

Average salespeople only deliver 10%. If they log just 2 people per day (50 total) it’s 20%. Regardless of how many you log, divide your deliveries by that number and your closing ratio will probably be 20% or less. Ex: 12 deliveries ÷ 60 ups = 20%.

You can easily sell more by developing better selling skills. You can also sell more to the people who didn’t buy the first time, if you follow up after they leave. The facts…

   • 33% who don’t buy – will come back with good follow up.

   • 67% of the people who do come back – buy on the spot.

That’s right – when you talk to a walk-in the first time, your closing ratio is 10%-20%, but when they come back, it jumps to almost a 70% probability that you’ll make the sale.

That means the ‘be-back’ has just moved to the same high closing percentage range as a repeat customer or a referral. Maybe they didn’t seem like buyers the first time, but now the only reason they’re back on your lot is to buy from you now.

The math…
100       people per month (4/day x 25 days)
– 10         you’re selling now
90        leave without buying
x 33%     will come back in
30       do come back
x 67%     who will buy
20        more deliveries per month

Yes, if you’re really only talking to 50 people a month, the extra deliveries drop from 20 to 10. In real life, that still doubles most salespeople’s deliveries and triples their income.

If you want to dramatically improve your sales and income, follow these steps and you can more than double both your sales and income in the next 90 days.

1. Treat every person you talk to on the lot as a buyer today. Assume they’ll buy and that they came to buy from you now.

No pre-qualifying about whether they’re ready to buy, or what they want to pay or what they owe on their trade. Just focus on what they want, who it’s for, and how they’ll use it. Then give everyone your best targeted presentation.

Do this and you’ll increase your sales at least 50%.

2. If they don’t buy, get everyone’s name, cell phone, email and street address so you can follow up fast.

3. Start your follow up within minutes, not days. 38% buy within 4 hours, 57% within 3 days, and 90% within a week.

Question: But what if they’ve talked to a salesperson down the street who offered them a deal? Don’t worry, that salesperson only talked price, didn’t build rapport or value – and can’t contact them again – they didn’t get the customer’s number.

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