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Double the Gross, Double the Commission

“I doubled my gross and commission after your sales workshop.”

“Joe, I have been in the car business for a year and before your workshop I was the dealer locate king. I just fell into the trap so many other salespeople fall into and if we didn’t have the car they asked for I always said, ‘no, but I can get you one’. I believed they were going to buy from me, but only if I could get that specific car.

After your workshop I started following your new Basics steps to the sale, started slowing down and building more value on a vehicle in stock closest to their wants and needs, and I started closing at the ‘landmark’ with everyone. 

After the workshop I was amazed at how many people actually buy something other than what they asked for when they first come in. Since the class, I had my best month ever at 25.5, and now my current 90-day average is 19.1, and I have more than doubled my gross per car and my commission as well, by asking the right questions and controlling the sale

Thanks for an incredible workshop that taught me how changing just a few things in my process can lead to great rewards now and in the future.”

–Jacob Jordan, Salesperson, MN