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Doubling Your Income After Reading Joe’s $100K Book!

“I’ve doubled my income.”

“I read a chapter every day in Joe’s book, ‘Earn Over 100K Selling Cars Every Year’. One of his comments constantly sticks in my head. Joe says, ‘Do you want to go home every day feeling confident that you can take care of your family, or do you want to go home with excuses on why you can’t provide for your family?’ I chose the first choice, of course!

With JVTN® at my side, I sold 25 units last month and am at 16 so far, for this month. My 90-day average is at 20! In Joe’s courses, ‘Ask The Right Questions & Close More Sales’ and ‘Handling Price’, I went over and over how to bypass price until I mastered it, and the other closes. When I started, I was making around $8,000 to $9,000, now I am always above $16,000 every month.

Thanks Joe, for your dedication to helping establish my job as a career, and thanks to my dealership for providing me the opportunity to grow as a sales professional by using Joe Verde Training!”

-William Woodall, Sales Consultant, High Country Toyota, Scottsboro, AL