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Doubling Your Numbers With

“From 13 to 27 units with JVTN®”

“I started at my dealership recently, and I am amazed at how JVTN® has helped me with every process in selling.

Joe has presented a process for every step of the sale, including prospecting and customer retention! I started in April and sold 13, and at the end of June I had sold 27 units!

I have learned how important it is to be a good listener and I am never idle. When business is slow, I use the Prospecting Process to seek out customers and I use social media to let people know where I work and what I do.

I am so happy to have a great management staff at the dealership, and I have found the perfect new career. Thanks Joe, for helping me every step of the way!”

-Paul Marias, Sales Consultant, Dave Smith’s Frontier Sales, Coeur d’Alene, ID