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False Expectations Appearing Real

Think of some of the awful things you thought would happen if you said or did what you were afraid to do. In real life, didn’t you laugh it off after nothing bad happened?

When you’re too nervous to try to close the sale because they might say ‘no’, you end up with a ‘no’ by default, because you never gave the customer a chance to say ‘yes’.

If you’re worried about prospecting or following up to retain more sold customers because you think something bad might happen, you’ll never add a single customer to your base to guarantee a successful career in sales.

Too many salespeople are afraid to even try to bypass price to focus on value instead, and they end up with lost sales and minis, if they do sell it. And if they’re afraid to work the deal properly, they’ll lose even more sales.

If you allow it, fear will kill your success in sales. To become more confident – just make a quick ‘worst case’ list of all the things that could possibly happen if you…

  • Prospect In Service & By Phone
  • Follow Up and Stay Connected to Every Person Who Didn’t Buy
  • Try To Close The Sale
  • Try To Close The Sale 4 More Times

 Worst case … Nothing bad happens!

 Prospecting. Worst case, “No thanks – not interested.”

  • Unsold Follow Up. Worst case, “No – don’t call me again.”
  • Follow up by mail. Worst case, they throw everything in the trash or tell you to get them off your mailing list.
  • Try to close. Worst case, “No.”
  • Try to close again and again. Worst case … “no” again.

 If you don’t swing, you can’t hit!

Even if you try and still don’t make the sale this time, that’s OK – because if you push yourself to go further every time you’ll win more often and winning gives you more confidence, and confidence improves your sales even more.

Learn more and be bold this year.

Set a goal to improve one skill every month, and make a commitment to be even bolder this year in everything you do. Not arrogant, not obnoxious, just be bold with better selling skills and you’ll see immediate improvements.

Most people know what they should say on the spot, but there’s that split second mental battle – and fear wins. Just say and do what you need to – it’ll all work out.


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