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Focus On Them – Not The Sale

If you want to sell more, you’ll need to focus less on you and what you want – and instead, learn to focus more on your customers and what they want and need in a vehicle.

Then for an easy sale, just show them how and why you, your product and your dealership are best for them, and you’ll sell even more.

Selling more cars is all about the customer and satisfying their wants and needs. Once you really understand that and make the change, everything you do from your greeting, to presenting, to selling, to closing, to winning more often in the negotiation, will be easier.

Understanding prospects better isn’t much more difficult than looking at what’s important to you, too, when you’re buying something expensive. Your customers want to deal with a nice salesperson who knows their product and cares about helping them find the right vehicle for them. (It’s easy most of the time because their primary buying motive is, “I want,” not, “I need.”)

Products are so close these days, the differences are minor to a buyer, and that means you can easily sell your product. Just start asking questions about what’s important to them, and start listening to understand why each particular customer wants and needs their new vehicle.

When you make people happier with their purchase – you’ll also be much happier with your income.


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