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From 130 Units to 239

“From 130 units @ $2,700 to 239 @ $4,100 with Joe’s training.”

“I started as a salesman at Cass Burch with no experience in the car business and came to Joe Verde training before I did anything else. My third month I became salesman of the month and then salesman of the year. Cass Burch was the number 1 dealer in the nation and I pride myself on being the number 1 salesperson at the number 1 dealership.

I moved to Amarillo to be closer to family and went to work at Texas Dodge. I was salesman of the month my first two months and they’d never seen anything like Joe Verde processes. They didn’t know the steps to the sale, they didn’t know to stay off price or sell the car. So they promoted me to manager and at 25, I was the youngest manager the store had ever had.

I hold training Monday through Friday from 10:15 to 11:15 every morning. We cover Joe’s steps, or closes or whatever else we need to focus on that day.

When I started training, the store was doing 130 units per month at $2,700 per copy. Last month we did 239 at about $4,100 each. That’s 100 more units and way over a half a million improvement in gross every month. The guys have improved, the store has improved and it’s from Joe Verde training day every single day!

Thank you Joe, I attribute everything to your training and I am your biggest advocate.”

-Brandon Bourke, GSM, Texas Dodge, Amarillo, TX