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From $29,000 to $140,000 Annually – Selling The Joe Verde Way

“From $29,000 to $116,000 to $140,000 per year!”

“Joe I have been in the car business for 5 years, we started on JVTN® 3 years ago and I have been dedicated to it from day #1.

“Some of the things I learned were to stop pre-qualifying, to slow things down and just treat everyone as a buyer. I learned to handle objections and to never give up, whether I’m closing or following up with my customers.

“My results have been incredible. I quadrupled my income in just 3 years!

“I went from making $29,000 per year to $116,000 last year, and I am on track for $140,000 this year.

JVTN® is the most incredible tool for training, and your training is like magic – it’s the perfect process for success!”

-Dustin, Salesperson, Mitsubishi, NS

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