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From 5th To #1…

From 5th in Sales to #1 in Sales at 23 units.

“From the middle of the pack to 23 units a month. I have been selling for 2 years and have always been consistently in the middle of the pack for my dealership.

When I left your How To Sell A Car Workshop, I was on fire and my confidence was way up. Your sales process made so much sense and paved the way to give me the focus I needed for a daily game plan.

I was tired of the majority of my deals being minis, so I committed to and mastered bypassing price, getting more yeses (minor commitments) on the lot, building way more value than ever before and closing the way you teach in class. From making those changes, I went from being in the 5th and 6th position to the Top position with my new 23 unit average, and my commission per vehicle went up to $500 per unit as well.

Plus, I was able to move out of my parent’s house and get an apartment on my own with my extra income. Freedom is priceless.

Joe, thanks for a solid plan and the skills to get me to my first $100K year!”

–Josh Wilking, Salesperson, Kelsey Chevrolet, Greendale, IN


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