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“From 7.5 average to 21 units.”

Joe, I am at 3 years in the car business and 1 year at my current store…

I sell Audis and I love the product!  Before your ‘How To Sell A Car Today’ Workshop, I was holding a 7.5 car average with my biggest month at 10.5.  I was right in there with everyone else at the dealership though, so that wasn’t bad.

After returning from your workshop and believing that my customers were truly looking for a sales professional, my purpose was to become that professional.

When I got back to work, my sales jumped to 21 units, and I made more commission in the next 2 months than my prior 6 months in the car business!

I have more confidence than ever before in my product, myself and my dealership and I truly believe that my customers are all here to buy from me now! Joe, your 8-Steps New Basics are my key to the gold mine!  Thank you!!!”

– Rob Hawkes, Sales Consultant, Capilano Audi, North Vancouver, BC, Canada