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“From 9 to 26.5 after your class.”

Congratulations Brett!

“From 9 to 26.5 after your class.

“I was brand new 7 months ago, and didn’t realize how lucky I was when my managers said I’d be attending your Sales Workshop.

Before your class, I was averaging about 9 and keeping pace with the rest of my dealership.

I always wanted more sales, but didn’t know how to get them.

After attending your class and learning your New Basics, everything changed for the better.

Your 8 Step Sales Process is so much more than just Steps 1-8; it’s really a true pathway to success!

I started believing my customers were on the lot to buy from me right now!

I started slowing down, building way more value, really getting to know my customers, and then focusing on their hot buttons during my demo and presentation to ‘make the car the star’.

Last month I sold 26.5 units, which broke my personal record…

• My customers are easier to work with

• Closing is easier

• My deals are easier, and

• I made way more money.

Now I know why you say this is the best business on the planet!

Brett Tyler, Salesperson, Wisconsin


Isn’t it amazing that just a few tweaks in what you do and what you say can triple your sales.

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