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Going From 6.5 to 20 Units In Only 5 Months!

“From 6.5 to 20 units per month in just 5 months with Joe’s training!”

“I have been in the car business for 5 months, thanks to Joe Verde and JVTN®, I am the top salesperson in my store!

Having never sold a car before, I was so lucky to be at a dealership that offered real training. I have been training on JVTN® regularly and after recently attending the 2-Day Joe Verde Sales Workshop, it all came together. I went from selling 6.5 cars my first month, to 15 cars, then to 20 cars. My gross has been getting better with every vehicle I sell.  I’ve learned how to stay off price with Joe’s 3-step process, build more value and most importantly, to stay out of the huddle.

Joe, I am continuing to train on JVTN® daily. I love it because it gets me in the right attitude that they are all buyers! It also gives me the ‘How-To’s’ to become a professional in sales and earn $100K. Thanks Joe!”

-Lance Horner, Salesperson, Brinson Ford, Lincoln, TX


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