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Habits Can Be Difficult To Break

The dictionary says a habit is a pattern of action that has become so automatic that it’s difficult to break.

I hope you noticed the dictionary said a habit is difficult to break. It didn’t say it was impossible to break.

Everything we do repeatedly will normally become a habit.

Prospecting is a good habit; waiting for an ‘up’ is a bad habit.

Giving a targeted demo and presentation to every prospect is a good habit, pre-qualifying first is a bad habit.

Greeting people with, “Can I help you?”, pre-qualifying them before we build value, not really listening, skipping demos, trying to close based on price and not getting names and numbers before people leave so we can follow up – are all just some of the very bad habits we’ve developed that cost us sales every month.

During my first 5 years as an 8-car guy, almost every work habit I had was a bad habit that cost me sales.

This month, let’s focus on identifying your ineffective work habits, and replacing them with better habits to help you sell more and earn more.


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