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How To Handle Digital Leads – Joe Verde Interviewed On CBT

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc., announced that Joe Verde was interviewed at NADA 2015 by CBT News at the 2015 NADA Convention. An excerpt from his interview, discussing what to do once a digital lead come into your showroom, can now be viewed on CBT News:

Auto dealers are doing everything they can to drive traffic into their dealerships through all of their multiple marketing efforts, and in his interview, Verde discusses how important it is to transition to the selling process once any lead walks on the lot so they can actually end up delivering another vehicle. In his interview, he also discusses his new book, “Double Your Net In Just 90 Dayswhich Verde wrote to show dealers how and where to focus so they could turn the money and efforts they’ve spent on driving traffic to their dealerships into more sales and higher net profit – without additional new expenses.

“No matter what drives a customer to the dealership, if salespeople aren’t trained and management doesn’t have effective sales processes in place, nothing changes,” Verde stated in the interview. “Dealers and managers work hard, but too often look in all of the wrong place so turn that hard work and their investment in driving traffic into more sales and especially, the right sales that generate a much higher net profit. In the book, I talk about how easy it really is to double the net profit in a dealership today. To do that though, the key is understanding the difference between good gross and bad gross – which always prompts the question, ‘Isn’t all gross profit, good?’ and the answer is a definite ‘no’. Spending more and adding new costs to sell another unit means there is less gross profit left over once the deal is done. But when you make an extra sale without spending any more money, you logically have a more profitable sale. So the key to making more net profit, is learning to focus on those ‘no cost’ additional sales that dealers overlook every day. These extra sales are not only free, most are also higher gross profit deals on their own, and I guarantee, 95% of us were never taught why or how to generate the ‘Good Gross’ sales opportunities I cover in my book.”

Famous for being the 8-car guy who became the 38-car sales professional, Verde is the author of five other popular books for dealers, managers and salespeople. He is a highly sought-after and dynamic Leadership, Management and Sales Training figure in the automotive industry and the innovator of virtual automotive sales training.

Verde said, “For 30 years we’ve taught complete courses on the skills and processes professionals in sales and sales management have to develop in our live training workshops throughout North America. In 2005, we created the Joe Verde Training Network®, which was the first online training portal for auto dealers, so we could share what we cover in our live classes with our customers online.” Since its inception, Verde continually introduces new courses regularly on JVTN® and to date, dealers, managers and salespeople have taken over 10 million chapters of Verde’s sales training to help sell more units, at higher profits, in today’s market.

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. helps auto dealerships throughout North America dramatically increase their sales and for the past 30 years has become increasingly well known for producing results. From complete workshop, online and in-house training programs; to training materials on Leadership, Sales Management, Professional Selling, Closing and Negotiation; the company coaches senior management and their sales and management teams to greater success, increased sales and profits, year after year.

To learn about Joe Verde workshops and training products, or to request a free copy of Verde’s books, visit:, or call (800) 445-6217. To learn about Joe Verde’s virtual automotive sales training courses online or to request a free demonstration, visit

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