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Hat-trick on first day!

My first day back, I got a hat trick…”

“I am brand new to the car business. Previously I was a bartender and my people skills with building rapport are second to none, so that part was really easy for me, the tough part was what to do next.

After attending your ‘How To Sell A Car Today’ Workshop and learning your New Basics, the plan was clear: Believe in the steps, follow all 8 steps in order, skip none of them, and you will sell cars!

My first day back, I got a hat-trick, then finished up with 13 for the month. It all starts with a great greeting, like you say, and investigating to find their wants and needs. Then get them to say ‘yes’ a lot based on those wants and needs, get 45 ‘yeses’ in 45 minutes and then my closing ratio soars to 75%.

Your workshop was great and having JVTN® online training in the dealership, lets me go back through the information we covered at my own pace, which is helping me to learn even more and learn faster too.

I am on my way to a brand new career where there are no limits!  Thanks again, Joe!”

– Kristen Duggan, Sales Consultant, NY

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