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Help Them Buy!

Buying is an emotional process and often an ‘impulse’.

That’s why your enthusiasm is critical from the greeting throughout your selling and closing process.

You can help build their emotions even more in your presentation, but only if you know their emotional hot buttons which you find in a thorough rapport and investigation process.

Then you can keep their emotions running high, if you know how to ask…

  • the right questions at the right time,
  • know how to use positive assumptive statements about ‘how’ & ‘when’ they’ll use it, and
  • know how to talk past the sale,
  • to create ‘mental ownership’.

The selling process we teach helps you get the customer to feel comfortable working with you (71% said ‘liking you or not’ is a deal breaker.)

Then our process guides you through investigating, so you’ll know every hot button they have. Then the steps of selling will walk you through a great demo, presentation and straight into an effective closing sequence.


Don’t make it so tough. Make it fun and filled with value, and you’ll sell more cars, have more fun and make more $$$.


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