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He’s Averaging 15-16 units a month

“I’m already averaging 15-16 from training on JVTN®.”

“I have only been selling cars for about 7 months, but so far it’s going much better than I expected and the JVTN® training has been extremely helpful to me. In our dealership we do individual training, then meet as a group every week to review the courses. We also go over the newsletters as a group every month and I have signed up to get your texts.

The greatest thing I have learned from JVTN® is the importance of building rapport and how crucial the first few seconds of the sale are. I have learned to slow down the sale and listen to the customer and their wants and needs.

My initial goal that I have been working towards is 20 cars per month. In only 7 months, I’m averaging 15-16 per month with my best month so far at 18½ cars! I was out sick a few days last month and still ended at 15 units, and my biggest paycheck so far. I know that by continuing to train and practice, I will hit my goal of 20 very soon!

Thank you Joe, JVTN® has been and will continue to be a great resource for me.”

James Dubois, Salesperson, OR