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How many closes do you need to know?

Logically, you need as many as it takes to close more sales than you do now.

We teach well over 100 different ways to set you up to be able to ask for that last commitment, or handle the objection effectively to get the commitment. More important, we cover exactly what to say next, no matter how they respond.

Everybody wants more traffic, but the easy way to sell more is to learn more about selling every day and practice every day, so you can deliver more of the people you already talk to now.

100 ways to close the sale, stay off price, and handle objections may seem overwhelming to an average salesperson who only knows one or two wrong ways to close now.

But no matter how many you sell now, if you take the time to learn and practice just 2 per week, a year from now you’ll have 100 more tools you can use to help you sell more cars, have more fun, and make more money.

Take the first 4 courses on JVTN® and develop those key skills to set yourself up to close, and handle any objection that stands in your way.

It’s all about questions and keeping the sales process moving along. A ‘close’ is just that next step.


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