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I Didn’t Even Ask About The Price…

I bought 3 different vehicles last year. I looked at one new SUV and asked the salesperson about the tow package and camera. He read the sticker and said, “It has those and adds $xxx to the price, but don’t worry, we can easily save you a few thousand.”

I didn’t ask about the price, I asked about the towing package – which he didn’t know anything about.

By saying ‘we can save you a couple grand’, don’t most people actually hear, ‘these are overpriced so we’ll be glad to give you a discount?’

Besides, aren’t most price focused customers going to ask for more anyway?

The benefit of starting at the top, means the gross will be higher almost all the time, plus you’ll also deliver more.

Why would you sell more by starting higher? Think about it – assume there’s a $2,500 markup; if you start at the top, even if a customer wants $2,000 off, your manager may decide to still sell the vehicle and you’ve made a sale.

But, if you’ve already given up $2,000, when you write them up, they’ll hit you at another $2,000 off that figure. But now you don’t have any wiggle room, your manager can’t sell it … and now it’s ‘no sale’ and ‘no commission’!

Give gross a chance – you’ll love it!


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