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‘If I Do Everything You Say, I Won’t See My Family…’

Actually – you’ve got the wrong guy because the opposite is true. I have never written, spoken or in any way suggested you need to put in double shifts to sell more cars.

If you’ll do everything I talk about, you’ll spend a lot less time at work, you’ll earn more money for you and your family, and you’ll have more quality time with them than you’ve ever had.

Step 1 … Go to work to work. Even if we didn’t count any extra sales from improving skills, most salespeople could cut their extra time at work dramatically, and still increase their units and income if they’d just go to work to work. Just stop wasting your days in sales waiting for something to happen and you’ll double your sales.

On average, most salespeople talk to 3 to 5 prospects on the lot in their 9 hours at work. From experience, I know you only spend about 10 minutes with 1 or 2 who didn’t seem like buyers at all (or not soon), maybe 25 minutes with 1 or 2 of the others educating them about pricing trade values after you decided they couldn’t or won’t buy today. Then an hour and a half with the other 1 or 2.

Do the math on those numbers. It means most salespeople only work about 2 hours a day talking to prospects, and another hour or so in meetings, making calls or checking on cars in Service. That means the other 4 to 6 hours of an 8-hour selling shift are totally wasted.

You don’t need a degree to figure out that if you’re only actually working 4 hours out of the 9 hours you’re at the dealership every day – if you worked your full shift instead, you’d double your sales and income.

Don’t make it so tough. If you aren’t talking to a customer on the lot, do something to sell a car in the future.

Examples: Do your follow up, call prospects, check inventory, learn more about your product, learn more about selling and overcoming objections, practice what you learn on JVTN®, talk to Service customers, plan and do your mailouts and get more organized at work. These are all just some of the things you could be doing today so you can sell more cars tomorrow.

Step 2 … Get ready for your selling day before it starts.

  • Get some rest. A sleep study found that when you miss one hour of sleep per night, in one week your IQ drops 10 points. And since selling is a “mental” task, most of us can’t handle that kind of loss and still produce much.
  • Exercise every day. You don’t have to pump heavy iron, but you do need to get your brain and body working before you go in to work. Just taking an early walk helps. Studies have shown that exercise improves performance!
  • Make me your new best friend. Take a chapter on JVTN® or read a few pages of my new book with breakfast and your cup of Joe (pun intended), listen to “Go To Work To Work” on your way to work or practice your skills on JVTN® throughout the day, and I will teach you how to sell and keep you focused on improving every day.
  • Get to work 15 to 30 minutes early. This is the only extra time I recommend you put in on purpose (other than staying for a late deal that you couldn’t control). Get there early to check the inventory, talk to the early customers and get ready for your selling day.

If you just make “selling” a priority every day – soon you’ll sell a car or two today and every day!

# # #