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In The First 20 Seconds…

“Your first few seconds and your first few words will usually make or break the sale.”

How can a sale that usually takes a couple hours be so affected by the first 20 seconds?

That’s easy, a lot of critical things happen very quickly when you meet someone.

The first few seconds…

The prospect’s 1st impression of you and your dealership starts forming as they’re pulling onto the lot.

Next comes you; your approach, how quickly you greet them, your attitude, how you act, and how you’re dressed.

Your first few words…

Most salespeople just can’t stop asking, ‘what can I do for you’ or ‘how can I help you’ – which generates their first negative response of ‘we’re just looking’ or something similar.

It’s easy to make a bad 1st impression, get a quick objection, and blow the sale in under a minute, and in less than 20 words!

Those first 20 seconds aren’t guaranteed to make the sale for you, but they can cost you the sale.

Dress like a pro, act like a pro, and put a spring in your step & a smile on your face as you greet every person properly.

Just do those things, and you’ll more than double your chances of making your next sale.


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