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It’s All About ‘Choice’

Fact: You either choose to develop the habit of continually getting better (in sales & in life) or you choose to develop the habit of making excuses to justify everything you don’t do (in sales & in life).

There are certainly things ‘out of your control’ that cause you to lose a sale, like their ‘wise old uncle’ showing up just as you’re headed to Finance, who forces them to ‘think it over’ first.

That’s one missed sale, and you’ll miss plenty of those through no fault of your own. Sure, you could have a bad month or a couple of bad months in a year, but there’s still no reason why you don’t have a great quarter and a record year every year, unless you let it happen.

Most salespeople miss a couple of sales, then go inside, mope around, call the family, or call a huddle to complain to everyone else and start building their list of reasons why none of this is their fault. They write off a day, a month, a complete career and swear there was absolutely nothing they could have done.

The only reason you aren’t the number one salesperson in the district, region or North America is because there’s someone else holding down the spot.

That salesperson isn’t any smarter than you are, they don’t have any special abilities you don’t have, and you can compete with them head to head as soon as you realize the only thing that can ever hold you back in life is YOU and the choices you make!

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