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Joe Verde At NADA 2011 – Time To Increase Gross And Profit

Are you ready to increase gross and sales?…Joe Verde’s NADA workshop is almost here. Don’t miss an opportunity to make 2011 your best year ever. Grow your dealership – attend one of Joe’s NADA workshops.
Here’s what Joe will cover:
  • Advertising versus growth
  • Using the three-stage process to control your growth, year after year
  • Implementing effective practices to drive more traffic into your dealership
  • Deliver more vehicles to the traffic you generate
  • Implementing effective retention processes for today’s buyer
  • How to quickly develop a management plan to make it happen, every day
Joe Verde’s workshop times and locations:
• Saturday, Feb. 5 – 11 am – Room 2001 W
• Sunday, Feb. 6 – 2:15 pm – Room 2020 W
• Monday, Feb. 7 – 10:30 am – Room 2001 W
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