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Joe Verde To Speak At Montana’s Convention

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc., announced that Joe Verde will present a session, “The 5 Biggest Changes You Need To Make In 2014 To Have a Record Year,” at the upcoming 2014 Montana Auto Dealers Association 100th Anniversary Convention in Helena, Montana.

His talk will be held Tuesday, August 12, at 10:00 am, at the Great Northern Best Western. Verde’s session will help auto dealers refocus their attention to where their greatest potential to improve sales and profits really lies.

“We all know that sales management is a fire drill most days. And you certainly have to be good at everything you do. But when you narrow down your responsibilities, there are three things you have to accomplish: First you have to drive traffic to your dealership. And my guess is you’re doing a pretty good job at that. Then you have to sell the vehicle once the customers are on the lot. And it’s this step most dealers ignore. Yet it’s this step that offers the biggest bang for immediate and long-term improvement in sales and profit. And three, you have to plan for growth. And to grow year after year, you have to retain more than 50 percent of your customers. Those three areas control your sales today and your growth tomorrow,” said Joe Verde, president of Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc.

“In my meeting, we’re going to focus on your hottest prospects. And I’ll show you how to sell more of the traffic you already have every month. And at the same time, how to raise your profit on every unit,” Verde added.

He is the author of five popular books for dealers, managers and salespeople. He will have copies of three of his most popular books to hand out free to attendees: “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery & Growth in Today’s Market,” “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars Every Year,” and “Get Everything You Want in Sales – Goal Setting for Salespeople.” To help boost the automotive industry, Verde started distributing his books free during the dreadful economic downturn in 2008. Since that time, in the state of Montana alone, he has given away 1,158 of his books to dealers, managers and salespeople, to help them recover, grow and take their dealerships to the next level.

To learn about Joe Verde’s virtual automotive sales training courses online or to request a free demonstration, visit or call (800) 445-6217. For information about Joe Verde workshops and training products, visit the Web at

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