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JVTN Subscribers Complete Over 7 Million Chapters of Training

On April 27, 2012, subscribers to JVTN®, Joe Verde’s automotive virtual sales and management training network, have reached a milestone by completing training for more than 7,000,000 chapters.

Since 1985, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. has developed high achievers in sales and management through online training, live workshops and products. Company President Joe Verde, a prominent figure in the industry, pioneered virtual training in the industry in 2003 with the Joe Verde Training Network – JVTN®.

“With projections of 14 million cars being sold in 2012, the economy is turning around. But salespeople still need to develop their skills to put more sales on the board,” said Verde. “From the beginning we’ve provided our subscribers unmatched online training content with a sound selling process – not just sound bites.”

This commitment to provide dealerships with professional training content, individualized coaching and a skill-based training system is why JVTN® is recognized as the top online continuing education program for automotive dealerships worldwide, Verde said.

JVTN® features numerous training modules in sales, management, finance and service with thousands of chapters on almost any type of customer interaction. The company introduces new courses regularly for JVTN® on critical topics to assist dealership managers to develop salespeople who can sell more units in the changing economy.

JVTN® provides dealers and managers a training system that will increase sales, gross and CSI while decreasing turnover in the sales department,” said Verde. “Our goal is to help your dealership create a seamless process from the curb, through the selling process, into Finance and straight to Service.”

To learn about Joe Verde’s virtual automotive sales training programs online or to request a free demonstration, visit or call (800) 445-6217. For information about Joe Verde workshops and training products, visit the Web at

About Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc.

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., founded in 1985 with corporate offices in Southern California and Dallas, Texas, is consistently rated the number one automotive sales and management training company in North America for producing immediate, and long-lasting results for its customers.

Joe Verde holds workshops across North America and pioneered Virtual Training with JVTN®. He is the author of “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth”, “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year” and “How To Sell A Car And Close The Sale Today.”

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