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Keep The Kids Happy & Sell More Cars

All kids get tired, bored and hungry; yours, mine and theirs. It’s normal and it isn’t likely to change. It’s also no big deal, if you plan for it.

However – if you don’t learn to control your customers’ kids when you’re trying to sell, you’ll have a tough time making the sale.

Kids can be a problem in closing the sale if you don’t handle them right. A salesperson in class brought up a great idea for controlling kids and keeping them happy, while you’re trying to help their parents get a new car.

He put one of those old time school desks in his office. He keeps it full of crayons, paper and coloring books and never has a problem keeping kids happy while he’s working on selling a car.

Or put an iPad or a TV in a room where parents can still see the kids and turn on Frozen or Cars and they’ll be entertained for 121 minutes.

Don’t let kids get the best of you. Learn how to keep them busy instead, so you can keep mom and dad focused on buying, and you’ll make more sales.

p.s. Don’t feed kids soft drinks and chocolate candy if you want them to sit still. Sugar and caffeine get them wired.