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Keep Up Your Momentum

How can I keep my momentum going after I sell something?

When runners hit that sweet spot on a long run, they get a runner’s high, that second wind. They’ve reached the point where they’re at their optimum performance level.

If they stopped then to take a break, they’d lose the momentum they worked so hard to get.

It’s the same for us in sales.

You’ve been focusing, working hard to keep the sale on track – and your emotions are at their highest. You’re excited that you’re so close, you’re fearful you might lose it, you’re stressed, your mind and body have worked themselves to a peak level of performance … and you make the sale and deliver the vehicle.

Now you have two choices…

1) Keep that peak level high and grab another customer, make another call, work the service drive or…

2) Back off, take a break, hit the lunch wagon, visit for awhile and let yourself wind down … and then try to start all over again to wind up when you get your next customer.

When I first started selling cars, I did exactly that; I’d sell something and then I’d go grab a cup of coffee and spend the next 30 minutes congratulating myself on doing a great job.

Plus, I’d waste that valuable time telling all the other salespeople what a great job I’d done, then I’d head back to the sales office so my manager would pat me on the back, too.

Unfortunately, after all this conversation and down time, I’d lose that ‘sales high’. By the time I talked to another customer, I’d have to start all over from ground zero and begin that uphill battle all over again.

After I finally learned how to make a lot of money selling cars, I also understood that kicking back after a sale was the worst thing I could do.

I also learned how to duplicate that temporary ‘high’ you get after a sale, even if I hadn’t just sold a car.

Extra oomph without the let down!

 Exercise! If I wasn’t on the phone or with a customer, to get my heart going, I’d walk through service and then halfrun to the back lot.

If employees saw me, they just thought I was in a hurry. But I did that to get my heart rate going, because that pumped more oxygen and gave me the extra energy to do better.

I’d make the run a couple of times and then I’d find a customer as soon as I could. And almost without exception, I’d sell another car right away.

When you make a sale, your mind and body are ready to take on the world, so instead of kicking back, make it a habit to get back out there quick and talk to another prospect.

And anytime you’re feeling tired, go hit the Life Cycle, take a fast walk around the block, do jumping jacks or whatever – but do something to get pumped and you’ll sell more cars!


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