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Lazy People ‘Work Harder’ Than Pros

My first five years, I had to work bell to bell every day just to sell 8 units.

Then one day I realized I wasn’t an 8 car guy, I was a 4-car guy working two shifts every day and most of my days off.

Working double shifts now and then and coming in on a day off now and then to hit a bonus or finish off a great month is one thing. But working double shifts every day just to earn a living, is a lazy person’s choice – and punishment.

I chose not to develop my skills or come to work to ‘work’ so I had to work longer to earn a living.

I waited for traffic instead of building my business, I pre-qualified every customer, I didn’t ask questions to find their hot buttons (value), I gave very few demos to get them excited about owning it and I had a one-question close, ‘how low do we have to go to sell it to you today?’, which made every deal a grind. When they didn’t buy, I chose not to follow up to get them back in, and on incoming sales calls, they were more likely to come in if I didn’t answer the phone.

I thought I was a hard worker – because I worked long hours. But I had to work longer hours because I didn’t work smart to set goals and learn how to sell.

So what’s your plan for 2017, will you work long & hard – or work smart?


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