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Leave me alone – I’m working!

Wouldn’t it be great to work with 10 other 30 car a month salespeople who are all on the same page, working smart, and making money?

That atmosphere is all about doing a great job, having fun, making money, and making customers happier than they’ve ever been with their purchase.

Peer pressure and peer distractions are two of the toughest issues to deal with for anyone trying to break free from the average pack in sales.

You need to remember the 20/60/20 rule is always in play.

20% of the people will do everything it takes to succeed, 60% will hang loose in the middle, and 20% would rather stand in freeway traffic during rush hour to avoid any improvements.

I hear so many stories from salespeople who do what we cover, immediately sell more units and then have to put up with a ton of grief from the other salespeople, and some even from their managers.

I had the same problem when I decided to go to work to work. My friends kept popping in when I was trying to call or do something else productive.

I stopped them right away though, because I went to work to earn a living, not talk about the ball game, or what kind of round they shot at Budget Golf. You’ll have to do that, too, if you want to grow.

The car business is a gold mine for a great income, and the satisfaction of being so many people’s ‘friend in the business’ – plus you sell a product that they can’t wait to trade up for, as soon as they can.

Go to work to work, have fun, sell cars, make money – and treat every customer right because you’ll want them to come see you again for their next vehicle, too.


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