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Look To Your Future…

Don’t allow yourself to become just average.

Whatever it is that gives you the urge to do more, do something to force yourself to put more effort into your job each day.

I didn’t say more hours, I said put more of you into your job each day, develop your skills now and go to work to work every day instead of wasting years of opportunity and the income potential that goes with it.

You do not want to just coast in sales. Why? Because at some point in the future, just like with almost every other salesperson, a real need will come up that will immediately demand your attention, and usually your money, too.

But if you’ve coasted for years, you won’t have developed your skills, and you won’t have the daily habits it takes for a quick ‘save’.

Worse: If you allow yourself to become just another average salesperson, you’ll soon con yourself into believing success in sales depends on the market or something else and you just can’t do any better.

Get good and grow. Do it for someone else, do it for fun, or do it for you…but no matter what, just do it because it’s important for your future.


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