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Making Six-Figure Income from your Training at 19

“Joe, I started my career in the car business at 19 and was lucky, to start at a dealership that fully believed in the value of your training. I was taught the Joe Verde Selling process from my manager right away and because of it, as 19 year-old I was living the dream, selling 20 cars a month and making a six-figure income.

I was a solid 20 plus car guy, my customers loved me and I loved what I was doing and in my best month I sold 32 cars. My dreams were coming true and I finally got that Dodge Challenger I’d always wanted.

I’m 23 now, married with a beautiful 1 month old daughter. I’m a manager now and work for the #3 Ford store in our region and have an incredible opportunity to be the person to my team that my manager was to me.

Thanks to your selling process, and your online training on JVTN®, I’ll be the person to lead and grow my dealership to the next level! Thanks Joe!”

– Mo Yousef, Sales Manager, Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn, Oak Lawn, IL