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Manage Your Activities

Want a 13th month of pay, without spending any more time at work?

Sure, Joe, but what’s the catch?

What if there is no catch – what if you can just tighten up your day so you can use more of it on activities that lead directly to more sales?

Some things are just about the math…

Give or take, you work 45 hours a week and let’s round that up to 200 hours per month. So if you could just figure out how to work just 200 more hours this year while you’re at work, that would add a 13th month of income.

(Work = doing something to sell a vehicle right now, or something that will lead to a sale down the road.)

From our survey of 3,500 salespeople, on average they said they were in the dealership about 9 hours per day, but only worked (as defined above) about 4 of those 9 hours.

If you work 200 days per year, all you really have to do to grab an extra months’ pay is to put in one more hour of productive time each day. No extra days, just use the days you have now more effectively.

If you’re making $60,000 for working just 4 hours a day, learn to work 8 hours and you’ll earn $120,000.

If you pay attention to that 30 or 40 car per month salesperson we talked about, they’ve done two things; they developed their skills, especially their phone skills for unsold follow up, prospecting, retention, handling inbound calls / leads … and they come to work every day to work.

When you’re in sales, even with good intentions, it’s so easy to get bogged down doing ‘stuff’ instead of something that’s productive. Your results though, depend on how well you manage your activities each day.

Take a minute to 3 the activities that help you sell more, and 7 the ones that have nothing to do with selling and will cost you time you can’t replace.

❑ Getting a cup of coffee

❑ Making a presentation

❑ Waiting for an appointment to show

❑ Calling a working prospect

❑ Practicing your demo

❑ Calling ‘for sale’ cars in the paper

❑ Training on JVTN® to learn more

❑ Just hanging around in Service

❑ Just talking to customers in Service

❑ Prospecting in Service

❑ Reading Joe’s book/newsletter

❑ Calling your spouse

❑ Checking your inventory 2 x day

❑ Practicing your referral script

❑ Verifying an appointment

❑ Texting your kids/spouse/friends

❑ Visiting with the other salespeople

❑ Calling a ‘sold’ customer

❑ Practicing a write-up

❑ Posting stupid stuff on Instagram

❑ Doing a great delivery

❑ Waiting around for an ‘up’

❑ Practicing an incoming sales call

Just start paying attention to everything you do, it matters to your paycheck.


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