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My Average Gross on the Front End is $3,000…

“I was in construction before I started at my dealership 3 years ago…”

“My dealership is very pro training, and very pro Joe Verde. They send us to classes and we have JVTN® to keep learning more every day. I compare what I learn in Joe’s classes and online to having a set of blueprints used in construction. If I wanted a structure we were building to turn out correctly, I would follow the plans exactly how they were drawn. If I got off track on the building, I would take out the blueprints, reexamine them and make adjustments that were necessary.

Now I follow the sales processes Joe lays out step-by-step, and when I realize I’m off track in Joe’s 8-Step Process, I go over it again and again, then get back on track.

Also, I just came back from Joe’s Business Development Workshop and am now implementing unsold follow-up, prospecting, using handwritten thank you cards and incorporating all this into an action plan. I asked myself, ‘Do I want to wait on ups, in the cold or heat, or do I want a steady stream of appointments?’ Joe knows the answer to that and now, so do I!

I came back from the workshop and showed the staff how to change how we work the deal and we all benefit with a greater down payment and higher gross by making a few easy changes.

Thanks to my dealership for their dedication in providing consistent training by sending all our sales staff to workshops and for providing JVTN® for our continued education.

My average gross on the front end is $3,000 and my commission per unit is $750 to $1,000. My first year I made $60K, the second year I made $77K, and I am at $110K in my third year. And to give kudos to our store, we had not been able to reach a goal of 100 pre-owned cars in the last 5 years, but in July we hit 101!

Joe, thanks for helping me realize that my potential in this business is enormous!”

– Jon Krabbe, Sales Consultant, Colorado


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